SOME Black Lives Matter


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Do ALL Black LIves Matter?

   I have previously steered clear of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) group as I have attempted to get a better analysis of it. Throughout the years, I have heard two sides to the matter: one saying they are peaceful, while the other (accurately) has pointed to numerous bad instances. “What do we want? Dead Cops!”

   Still: to be fair, I have been willing to consider a split decision. Some say that most of the BLMers are peaceful, it is just some who are not. Also, to be fair, I have not really objected to the “Black Lives Matter” expression rather than to say that “All Lives Matter”. Someone has the right to emphasize a specific problem about discriminatory practices if that is their particular aim.

   So what has changed? It is that they are not even honoring their own goal of “Black Lives Matter” – it appears to have become just another political agenda. They are now failing to do good – even by their own standards. I feel that they now need to be corrected with not “All Lives Matter” but with “All Black Lives Matter – rather than just some of them”.

   And thus my objection: they are only allowing some Black lives to matter to them. And these appear to be only the Black lives that can be used as cannon fodder against White police officers. Thus, I now feel that it is the BLM that is being discriminatory – and, thus, I feel the need to make this point about them in this blurb.

  The title of this blurb is about the SBLM crowd: Some Black Lives Matter. And, this, unfortunately is the truth about the BLM and why they are now the discriminatory ones. The only Black lives that have mattered to them is if a White Police Officer is involved and there is a political agenda. For example:

   1) The overwhelming majority of deaths of unarmed Black men happens when the police are not around – and criminality is involved. This constitutes about 99% of all deaths of unarmed Black men. That is, if the police could be everywhere – and all at once – the death rate of unarmed Black men would drop by 99%. Thus, an increased police presence saves Black lives – by a ratio of 99 to 1.

   I will use a quick blast from the past to expand on this point. The number one White man for saving Black lives (of all time) is probably the reformed Confederate General Longstreet – who led an integrated New Orleans police force against the KKK and its use of violence and terrorism. But the second runner up is, most likely, Rudolph Giuliani. He shifted his police forces out of the rich neighborhoods that voted for him – and redeployed them into poorer neighborhoods that voted against him.

   Rudy, thereby, saved thousands of Black lives. However … how does that play with The BLM Narrative – about racist, White cops being the root of all evil? It does not play well into that narrative – and thus their inconsistencies began to expose themselves. For Rudy is the most hated – not the most loved – figure by the BLM crowd.

   This is in spite of him doing exactly what their bidding (supposedly) was – to start protecting the Black lives first rather than wealthy socialites being first in line for the police protection. This is how we see their inconsistencies showing themselves: anything that looks good about a White police officer is never to be mentioned – only anything that might make them look bad. But there are more examples to follow:

   2) It is now a proven fact that police officers of color are just as likely to use deadly force as a White police officer. But only the White police officer shootings are emphasized. The same inconsistency as before: if it does not play into the narrative of Police equals racist, White cops then it does not get talked about.

   3) What if you are a Black life wearing the police uniform? And you get shot in the back of the head trying to stop a Black citizen’s store from getting looted? No tears fall for this with the BLM crowd (or just the SBLM crowd – Some Black Lives Matter). Same inconsistency – it is just about an axe to grind against White police officers as a political agenda.

   4) What about the tens of thousands of Black lives that have been destroyed – in just the last couple of weeks – from rioting and looting? If there were roving bands of White police officers doing this, I will bet you would hear a lot about it from them – but not when it is done by others. And as to the bands of police officers both Black and White – all over the country – who have suffered hundreds of casualties trying to stop this? The same: the (S)BLM is simply not interested.

   The upshot: the BLM or, more accurately, the SBLM is the worst type of BS artist there is. They are oblivious hypocrites – they have the same hate fest attitude against White police officers that they accuse the White police officers of having against them. And they are so oblivious – to this obvious fact about themselves – that they have a total set of blinders on against all evil except for what might be lodged against a White officer. They have, thereby, rendered themselves useless to helping any one’s lives: White, Black or otherwise.

Democrats and Dysfunctional Relationships

Note: This is for those who are curious about our “We Don’t Want It” bumper sticker. Hispanic Americans, acting out an admirable trait, are resisting the ‘Identity Politics’ – rather than joining it. Because of this, we have decided to share our point of view about the Democrat Party and Identity Politics:

   To begin with, Trump is actually the best thing for minorities that has come along in a long time. Minority citizens finally started getting bigger paychecks – the real bottom line. Along with the defense of the same basic American values that we all believe in – of whatever our skin color. Family values, our churches, work and patriotism, safe streets, etc. But what is the real relationship between the Democrat Party and minorities?

  For Blacks: the Democrat Party sided up with a bunch of young, White and Pampered buffoons who made up the main cadre of the rioters. They sided up with them as they looted and burnt out Black neighborhoods. (To protest against racism???) Even after the riots … they still continue to side only with that miniscule number of Blacks who do rapes, robberies and murders – rather than with the overwhelming majority of Blacks who are law abiding. And it is these law abiding Blacks who are the ones getting raped, robbed and murdered!

  For Latinos: the Democrat Party sides up with simple ignorance. Why is it that Latinos also want border security, family values and safe streets? And are turning rapidly against the Democrats? Isn’t it because Latinos are just the same as all other people? (But Biden hasn’t figured that out yet! See the video clip below):

Wasn’t that as impressive as all H _ _ _???

For Women: the only women that the Democrat Party cares about are

   a) the ones that are in a lesbian relationship or are

   b) having an abortion or

   c) who had an unsuccessful relationship with a man that has left them as a single parent family – and are therefore susceptible to becoming Welfare Addicts. But there is one (but only one)  minority group that has had a successful relationship with the Democrat Party.

   That would be the Asians – and it is because they have had (essentially) no relationship with the Democrat Party at all. How often do you hear about the Democrat Party pandering to Asian Americans – or of Asian Americans desperately seeking out Democrat Party operatives?

    And now … they need nothing from the Democrat Party (or anyone else). And they ask for nothing from the Democrat Party (or anyone else). And, unlike a lot of others, the Democrat Party has never been able to do anything to mess up any of their lives!

   So … to learn something from our nations’ minority group histories. What appears to be the best relationship to have with the Democrat Party? It seems to be to have no relationship at all!


  I also recommend ending any relationship you might still have with them at the ballot box.