Don’t get caught up - exclusively - in the specifics of what they are indoctrinating everyone about. We are a movement that can appeal to all people who simply object to a certain type of powerful people - specifically, the ones who are constantly trying to take over our parenting roles. Liberals, conservatives, the religious and the non-religious alike should all be able to agree with our efforts. Of which: the most overall points are -

1) Knowing your real - and most primary enemy. There are people with a lot of power who are the ultimate narcissists. They want the power to convert a world full of people into a bunch of think-alike mini-me’s. Why would a normal person even want that? That is what I am referring to when I am talking about the ultimate power trip.

2) Knowing what their offense is - and why their behavior is inappropriate. They are disrespectful to others. They know that most people just want to have some down time (to unwind) when they are watching television at home. But they still insist on platforming in their pet issues to all viewers - and all of the time - anyway.

3) Knowing what bad manners are - and why it is bad behavior. They even do this in an unethical manner. You used to have to do a notification about “this program may have offensive material in it” - so it was a straight up choice (from Instant One) if you really wanted to be involved with their material. But most important of all is

4) Knowing your priorities - there are always overriding issues that you need to keep your focus on. And the most overriding issue here is simply that they are still usurping our parental roles. Regardless of the reason they are doing this - and in whatever direction they are doing it in - it is still not their business to be doing it. This is still our most important issue - and we don’t want to lose focus on that.

Now, an incidental point is that, yes, what they are actually indoctrinating us about is everything from just the bad to the full-on demonic. So I will leave you with a final piece of general advice.

We have to get organized on a mass scale - so be inclusive about why indoctrination by these people (in all forms) - is wrong. Not just in the forms that we dislike - but in all forms. I am just as uninterested in people with, say, homosexual issues getting continuously criticized - as I am in them getting continuously crammed down our throats. Either way, they are just as involved in things that are none of their business.

Be sure to always include these types of points when you are criticizing some of their particulars. In this way, people won’t lose sight over the bigger issues that we can all agree on. It is not strictly the particulars of what they are indoctrinating us with - it is also their entire effort. And why they have such a hair-up-their-posterior fixation to be constantly doing it. Have any of you managed to figure that out yet???

I am still mystified.