Nutball Nancy



There is one danger in this type of a title. It might induce someone to not take her seriously. I did not say that she is intellectually stupid – and it is possible to be a complete nut-ball without being completely stupid. That is what is so dangerous about Pelosi-ism.

And I do refer to it as an ism. Her mode of politics is, literally, becoming an idea for how to govern. There is a calculated strategy to everything that she does – and it is driven by a hatred of people like Donald Trump and everything that they stand for.

This section in our Library of articles (Rogues Gallery Page) deals with a serious look at her – and other players like her. But for now, please accept a seriocomic look at her. Click on the link below that looks at a seriocomic ‘definition’ of a Pelosi-ite:

From the American Dictionary of 21st Century Politics

If you want to look at the more in-depth material that is available also in the Rogues Gallery Page



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