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In the Texas school shooting, the teachers had the ability to lock down the school and save every single child. But they didn’t. Also in the Texas school shooting, the police did nothing for over an hour to save the children. But arrested parents who tried to get involved.

And how far out of  touch is the Left while all of  this is going on? Their response: Have the teachers take your children into transgenderism – and have the police take away your guns!

My response: Stay away from our children, stay away from our guns and just do your jobs! Now … back to the Main message of We Must Unite!

   Welcome to We Must Unite! This is our Main Page presentation for Republicans with a new outreach.  Three quick points will tell you everything you need to know about us.


Point I – Who Is “We”

    We are what you would call a blue collar conservative. All of which boils down to just three simple basics:

  1. We respect basic traditions such as work, patriotism, and the free enterprise system.
  2. We recognize basic institutions such as the church and the traditional family
  3. And I respect that most basic ethical code of all – that you should not even want to get something for nothing.

   But there is a present attack on things that are even as basic as this. The country is almost as polarized now as it was before the Civil War. And it is out of this dysfunctional politics that the present attack force – a new political force – has emerged.

   In the runup to the 2020 election, a New American Left has emerged. These leftists fully embrace radical concepts like slavery reparations, free health care for everyone – including undocumented immigrants! So … the Medicare trust fund must will now have to pay for everyone’s health care in the entire Western Hemisphere(?).

   And these are just the milder parts of the present-day Leftists plans – with all the major Democrat candidates signing on. Or, just putting economics aside for the moment: what about people’s concerns over our basic culture? On these questions of our culture – when it comes to the new Leftism – why even bother?

   They are simply willing to defend the indefensible. They have stated they favor abortion on demand – and even after the mother has gone into labor! And the, so-called, ‘alternative’ lifestyles? Forget any compromise here, either.

   Believe what I believe, or you are a racist, a misogynist, a hater, a religious rightist, a thisist or a thatist type of a person that I don’t likest. There is no room for tolerance or respect, and no room for dissent, opposition, or compromise (or the First Amendment either. They directly state that all ‘misinformers’ should not get access to the First Amendment. And guess who will decide who all of the ‘misinformers’ are). It is all or nothing.

   Thus, this new version of doctrinaire leftism threatens the rights of everyone, except the elites who fully support the cause. Now some might focus on these events strictly as a crisis. But at We Must Unite, we also see that these circumstances can be an important opportunity. This is our moment, as Republicans, to reach out to others who also fear these same things: I am thinking of the moderate Democrats, sensible liberals and others – to show them that there is still a common way.

This now leads to Point II.


Point II – Why the Sudden Urgency Implied in Your “We Must Unite”!

   This answer doesn’t just come from what you have read above – but from what you have seen with your own two eyes out in the streets! Are you a little bit concerned about this new type of ‘liberalism’ that is massively illiberal? One that is tolerant of everything – except for any differences of opinion? And one that even has displays of sheer vindictiveness?

   Until today’s type of politics, have you ever seen a Speaker of the House rip up a President’s State of the Union address right in front of the entire country? Or to use an event like a State of the Union address to act gratuitously disrespectful to a President? (Last year, she did a hand clap back into his face).

   Therefore, it is the time for a united front. Even if you consider yourself something of a liberal – but are not insanely (and vindictively so) – then you’re needed. We may never agree on everything, but we will at least be able to talk – and to still be talking about the same basic type of a country.

   So, our mission as blue-collar conservatives (and all who can align with us) is clear. We must stand up for our basic traditions. They made this country great, and they are in danger of dying. Therefore, we must oppose, not so much ‘liberal’ policies, but the radical leftist ones that threaten our very way of life.

   However, we are not a group that simply berates other people. Instead, our vision involves a new approach to communicating with one another. We must listen to each other more and judge each other less. This is what leads to Point Three.


Point III: Unite around what? Or “What, Essentially, Is This New Outreach”?

   Essentially, the New Outreach is the proper response to the New American Left. So far, the New American Left has given us nothing but sweeping, empty promises, Identity Politics,  buzzwords like “diversity” and other empty language that doesn’t fix actual problems. (And, actually, I do not even believe in ‘diverse.’ At the end of the day, all human beings are created by the same God and are, in fact, much, much, much more alike than they are ‘diverse.’)

   And the practical effects of these buzzwords, empty promises and failed policies have become completely intolerable. We have a meltdown in the inner cities, increasing homelessness and unprecedented chaos and violence. A response must happen now – but it should be a response that does not do condemnation but an outreach: an outreach that unites people around the things that we have in common. And the things that we do have in common – the list of common problems (and answers) are limitless. This is the essence of our new outreach: returning to basic traditions and just dealing with the basic bread and butter issues of the average person – rather than trying to ‘re-imagine’ America with cockeyed “Green New Deals”, Socialism, De-funding the police and other such lunacy.

To showcase our differences: here are 4 things that we consider basic bread and butter issues:

   1) We have a chaotic immigration policy that hurts workers and benefits the elite. In the 1850s and 1860s, factory owners were always on the lookout for cheap labor. Today, it is no different.

   2) One-sided trade policies do the same things. These policies benefit the elite, such as multinational corporations, and hurt ordinary workers. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are far too willing to sacrifice workers’ rights for corporate profits, no matter what buzzwords these politicians use to describe their actions.

   3) The Information Age has created a small class of Jeff Bezos billionaires and destroyed countless manufacturing jobs. One reason the New American Left so forcefully opposes Trump is that he has re-opened many manufacturing jobs in ways that elites said were impossible.

   4) And, lastly, what of the things that are hitting us most close to home? More people are being killed and wounded in an average weekend in the inner cities – than are killed or injured by mass shooters throughout an entire year. And what do we get from the other side? Talks about the National Rifle Association with no talk about the national meltdown in our inner cities. In short, just the same baffle and buzzwords. (And also a spoiler alert: unlike what a lot of Democrat Mayors seem to think, tolerating rioters and/or De-funding the police will not make these problems better).

   These are the types of issues that we talk about. But on the other side, however, what is the talk? Socialism, De-funding the Police, how we are all ‘systemically’ a bunch of racists and whatever kind of a Deal we are supposed to be getting from a Green New Deal (they’re pretty vague about it). Which basket of issues do you find the most compelling? “Aspirational” nonsense from a bunch of Utopians about a Better America or a Better World – or just getting what Trump types delivers: safe streets and a better paycheck?

    A final example to consider: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is against any border walls. But she has a walled off home in an affluent part of San Francisco. While people in the other parts of her city literally walk around human excrement and hypodermic needles on their way to work. That is not what America is about.

   In sum, I feel a strong moral obligation to reach out to people who generally do not vote Republican. We must get them to realize that the world will keep on turning if traditional Democrat voters (as compared with the new more radicalized breed) will just stand up for themselves. To these people, I make you the following promise: You do not have to keep defending the indefensible (and tolerating the intolerable) by continuing to vote for this new version of the Democrat party. We assure you: there is life after the Democrat Party.

  This is the end of Our Main Page Presentation

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                                                    UPDATED 12/15/2021